Easter Bunny复活节

Easter Bunny

Teaching Plan: Easter Bunny

School: No.2 Education Kindergarten of Jiangmen (江门教育二幼)

Teacher: Eileen Zhou 周爱连

Children's age: Four years' old

复活节是西方纪念耶酥复活的一个宗教节日。蛋是其最典型的象征,而兔子因繁殖力强,人们把它视为新生命的表现者。在日常的教学中,发觉幼儿特别喜欢小白兔,故在复活节来临之际,为了让幼儿了解西方的一些风俗习惯,感受节日的快乐气氛,特开设了此课程。本课程分为英语活动、美工和体游三部分。通过拼图、I can hop、找朋友、制作复活蛋、藏蛋和寻蛋等游戏,让幼儿知道了兔(Easter Bunny)和蛋(Easter egg)在节日里的重要意义,知道了兔子跳是hop, 学会了单词Easter Bunny、Easter egg、toy、basket、hop、hide。句型Color the egg, lots of fun. Go on an egg hunt. 在活动当中让幼儿感受到其乐趣,激起学习英语的兴趣。






4.单词:Easter Bunny Easter egg basket toy hop





2.Easter Bunny的音乐磁带




1. Warm up


T: Good morning, boys and girls. How are you today?

C: I am happy. Thank you. And you?

T: I am fine, too. Thank you. Please look at the sky, what's the weather like?

C: It's sunny/rainy/cloudy.

<2>. Music: "Weather"

"It's a sunny day today. Sunny day, sunny day. It's a sunny day today. Hot, hot, hot."

2. New words

T: Easter is coming. Here comes an Easter Bunny. Look, she is hopping to us.

T: Hello, I am Easter Bunny. Nice to see you.

T&C: Nice to see you, too.

T: What's in your hand?

T1: It's a basket.

T&C: Basket, basket, It's a basket.

T: What's in your basket?

T1: Let me show you. This is a toy.

T&C: Oh, toy, toy, it's a toy.

T: There are many toys in your basket. Let me see. This is a toy car. This is a toy carrot. That's a toy

dog. Oh, what's that? It's very beautiful.

T1: I want you to guess.

T: Is it a boat?


T1: No, it isn't.

T: Is it a bowl?

T1: No, it isn't.

T: I'm sorry, Easter Bunny. I don't know. Boys and girls, do you know?

T1: (Match the egg) Do you know now. it's an Easter egg.

T: Easter egg, Easter egg, It's an Easter egg. How colorful it is!

T1: Yes, How many colors can you see?

T&C: Let's count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. There are seven.

T1: What colors are they?

T&C: They are red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple and yellow.

T: Easter eggs are so beautiful. May I have one.

T1: Sure. Here, I have many Easter eggs. But they are broken. Can you help me match them?

T: Yes, I can. Can you, boys and girls?

3. Play games

<1>. Match the Easter egg from two parts.

Put the Easter egg puzzles on the floor. Have the children match them right.

<2>. I can hop.

T: Easter Bunny, you have so many toys. Shall we play with them?

T1: Of course. Let's play together. (Have the children put on the headbands. Put one object into each hulohoop.)

Now, I am an Easter Bunny. I can hop. Hop, hop, hop, I can hop. Hop to the toy. Hop to the basket. Hop to the

Easter egg.

<3>Find friends


T: Easter Bunny has hided the Easter eggs down and up. Each of them has friends. Can you find them out? (Have

the children find out the same Easter eggs.)

(Music: "Easter Bunny hop, hop, hop. Hide the eggs, down and up.")

4. Follow up

Encourage the children to listen to the tape everyday and play games with their parents.





3. 学习简单制造复活蛋。



句子:Color the eggs, lots of fun. Go on an egg hunt.





2.Easter Bunny的音乐磁带



1. Warm up

<1>. Greetings.

<2>. Chant: "Easter Bunny"

2. Make an Easter egg

T1: (Play as very sad.)

T: Easter Bunny, why are you so sad?


T1: Easter is coming. I have to make many Easter eggs. Maybe I can't finish.

T: Oh, Easter Bunny is busy making Easter eggs. Boys and girls, can you help her?

C: Yes, we can.

T: Do you know how to make the Easter egg? (Have some children answer.) Easter Bunny, can you tell us how to


T1: Of course. At first, roll the newspaper into a ball. Is the egg beautiful?

T: No, because it has no clothes.

T1: Now, let me make clothes for it---color the egg. Draw some lines or pictures you like on the white paper.

Third, envelop the newspaper ball with the picture. Look, is the Easter egg beautiful now?

T&C: Yes, it's very beautiful. I want to try.

(Guide the children make Easter egg and say"Color the egg, lots of fun "at the same time.)

3. Hide and find eggs

T1: (Play as a little sad.)

T: Easter Bunny, you have many Easter eggs now. Why are you still unhappy?

T1: Because I have to hurry to hide the eggs.

T: Oh, you have to hide the eggs. Boys and girls, Would you like to help her again?

C: Yes.

T: I want to divide you into two groups. Scissors, cut! Cut! Cut! Later, group1 follows Easter

Bunny to hide the eggs. Group2 follows me and waits for a minute, then let's go to have an egg

hunt. OK?

C: OK.

(Take the children to play in the garden.)

T: Put on the headband please. Group2, would you please close your eyes.

T1: Group1, are you ready? Let's go to hide the eggs. (Play the music: "Easter Bunny") "Easter


Bunny hop! Hop! Hop! Hide the eggs, down and up."

T: Group2, please take your basket. Let's go on an egg hunt.

4. Count the eggs

T: How many eggs have you found?

How many eggs are there in your basket?

5. Group1 changes its role with group2.

6. Follow up

Encourage the kids to make Easter egg at home and listen to the tape everyday.

活动(三)体育游戏:Carry the Easter eggs


1 练习钻的技能。

2 愿意参与游戏活动,体验体育活动的乐趣。

3 培养幼儿初步的竞争意识和团结合作精神。

4 短语:Carry the Easter eggs








1. Warm up

<1>. T: Four lines, please. Attention.

C: One, two.


T: March in your place. Left , right… March quickly.

<2>. Chant: Easter Bunny

2. Lead into

T: Easter is coming. Easter Bunny has made many Easter eggs. Now, she is busy carrying the Easter eggs. But there's

something difficult on her way. She has to go through the barriers, so she is very slow. Let's go to help her. OK?

C: OK.

3. Set an example

T: Two of you in each group hold one piece of paperboard and get ready. We carry the Easter egg through the barriers

and the arch bridge. Put the egg into the basket. Then the next pair goes on. Which group can finish first at the

same time will be the winner. Are you clear?

4. Carry the eggs

5. Count the eggs

6. Play the game one more time

7. Follow up

Encourage the children to play the game with their parents at home.