Two Windows的文章与翻译

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关于Two Windows的文章与翻译

  "Sweetheart, what are you crying for?"

  Della did not answer. She continued to cry, cry and cry. Ida had no choice but to leave, sighing. Ida, Della's elder sister, looked after Della after their mother's death. Della was always crying, but nobody knew why she cried.

  Maybe, Della was alone. She used to lock herself in her own room. She neither wanted to go out nor expected anybody to come to see her. What's more, she even did not want to talk to her sister or father. They didn’t know what to do.

  There were two windows in Della's room. One was in the left of her bed, always open; the other was in the right, always closed. Through the left window, Della could not see any trees or houses, only miles and miles of wild land. Della appeared extremely sad each time she looked out of the window. Day by day, she got weaker and weaker, even unable to go out any longer. Her sister and father were quite anxious.

  One morning, a crow flew into Della's room and perched on her bed, "Hi, Della, what are you crying for?" Della cried as usual. Coughed. A group of toads were hopping about on the moor. One of them waved his hand to Della: "Baby, what's wrong with you? Can you talk with me? We can be good friends. I am handsome, you see. "Della did not answer. “Could you say something?" The toad continued. Della cried without response. The toad gave up and left.

  During the following several months, father never entered Della's room. Della still cried everyday.

  One day in the following spring, Ida talked to Della: “Sweetheart, why not stop crying and open the window on the right. Maybe it is a big surprise." Then Ida left. Della walked towards the closed window. Having hesitated for a few minutes, she finally opened it. Ida had not left. She was hiding herself behind the door, watching Della. Happily, Della did not disappoint her.

  Oh, God! What a big surprise! It was a fantastic garden in front of her! Flowers were in full bloom. Butterflies were flying from flowers to flowers in the spring sunshine. Della could not help going out and hurrying to the garden. Magically, she did not seem weak as before. In the garden, she talked with the flowers, played with the butterflies and sang with the birds.

  Roses smiled gently, "There is happiness everywhere." Butterflies, flying around Della, said, "Can you smell the spring in the air? " One nightingale sang at her heart's content: happiness is priceless.

  Della wondered where the garden came from. It seemed to spring up over night. She came to ask Ida. Ida hesitated for a while, and said, “Dad.” “Papa? Where is he?” asked Della eagerly. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry, Dad is ill.” Hearing this, Della dashed to father's room immediately. "Papa, papa, what's wrong with you?" Father lay in the bed, weak, "I'm all right, my sweetheart. Do not worry. As long as you are happy, I'm glad to do anything.” Father was so weak that he fainted.

  Later, Ida told little Della, "Several months ago, Dad decided to build a garden for you. He planted varieties of flowers in the garden. Every day he watered them with his own blood. Because God told Dad that you will be happy if you see the flowers watered by his own blood. Dad did so. It is a garden built on Dad's love.” Ida could not continue. Della burst into tears, “Papa…”

  Della went to open all the windows in father's room. Outside, the sunshine was beautiful. Magically, father woke up.






  一天早晨,一只乌鸦飞到黛拉的房间,停留在她的床上:“嗨,黛拉,你在哭什么呢?”黛拉和往常一样哭着,咳嗽着。窗外的荒野上,一群蟾蜍正在四处跳跃。一只蟾蜍挥着手问:“宝贝,你怎么了?你能和我聊聊吗?我们会成为很好的朋友,我很帅气,你看。” 黛拉没有回答。“你能说点什么吗?”蟾蜍继续追问。黛拉没有反应,只是哭。最后,蟾蜍只能无奈地离去了。








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