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五年级下册英语作文范文:My weekend我的周末
There are two days on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.
周末有两天, 星期六和星期天。
On Saturday, I often do morning exercises at 8:00 in the morning
and do my homework at 3:00 in the afternoon, and I often help
下午3点做家庭作业。 我还经常帮助
my mother do some housework.
On Sunday, I always play sports in the morning and read
星期天, 我总是在早上做体育运动,
some books in the afternoon. After dinner, I often watch TV
下午看书。 晚饭后, 我经常和我的父母
with my parents. At that time, we can talk with each other and
看电视。 在那个时候 ,我们可以互相交谈 并
say something happily. We often have a good time.

My weekend
On Saturdays,I often get up early, I can do many things: I eat
星期六, 我经常起得很早, 我可以做许多事情:
breakfast at 7:00 in the morning.Then I do my homework. After lunch,
早上7点我吃早饭。 然后我做家庭作业。 午饭后,
I can play chess with my father. I can play pingpang ball with my
我可以和我父亲下棋。 我可以和我的朋友打乒乓
friends. I can listen to music in the evening. I think it is so funny.
球。 晚上我可以听歌。 我想那太有趣了。
On Sundays, I often learn English.In the evening, I must go to bed
星期天, 我经常学英语。 晚上, 我必须早睡,
early,because tomorrow I will go to school.I like my weekend .
因为明天我要去学校上课。 我喜欢我的周末。

My favorite Season
My favorite season in a year is spring. I can do many
一年里我最喜欢的季节是春天。 在这个季节里我
interesting things in this season. In spring, the weather is
可以做许多有趣的事情。 在春天, 天气
cool and wind, I can fly kites when it's wind. And I can go
凉爽多风 , 有风的时候,我可以放风筝。
hiking with my family when it’s sunny and cool. I like hiking.
有阳光又凉爽时,我可以和我的家人去远足。 我喜欢远足。
My favorite Season in a year is summer. Summer is hot in
一年里我最喜欢的季节是夏天。 中国南方的夏天很热
the north of China, but it’s not long time. I often go
但是不会热很长时间。 我经常去
swimming. It can make me healthy and strong. I can also
游泳。这样可以使我健康而强壮。 我也可以
wear my beautiful dresses.
My favorite Season
My favorite Season in a year is winter. Winter comes, it’s
一年里我最喜欢的季节是冬天。 冬天来了,
often snowy in winter in my hometown. When it snows,
我们家乡经常下雪。 当雪来的时候,
everything is white. We can play with snow and make a
什么东西都是白的。 我们可以玩雪,堆雪人,
snowman, skate and ski.

My favorite season
My favorite season is spring. Because in spring, the weather turns
我最喜欢的季节是春天。 因为在春天, 天气变暖,
warm, the trees turn green, the flowers start to come out. It’s very
树子变绿, 鲜花盛开。
beautiful. I love it very much. In spring, it often rains. I like the
非常美丽。 我非常爱它。 在春天,经常下雨, 我喜欢
rain. And in spring, I can plant trees on the hill. Spring is the first
雨。 在春天, 我可以在山上种树。 春天是一年里的第一个
season in a year. People often feel very happy. It makes me happy, too.
季节。 人们经常很开心。 它也使我开心。
So I like spring best.

My favorite season
My favorite season is summer, summer is very hot. But it’s good for
我最喜欢的季节是夏天, 夏天很热, 但是它很适合
sports. I like swimming best. I often go swimming with my friends in
运动。 我最喜欢游泳。 夏天我经常和我的朋友去游泳。
summer. In summer we can eat ice cream and some fruit. In summer we have
夏天我们可以吃冰淇淋和水果。 夏天我们有
the longest holiday. It’ summer holiday. In summer holiday we can do
最长的假期。 它是暑假, 暑假我们可以做
some thing interesting, such as swimming, playing basketball, go to the
许多有趣的事情, 比如游泳, 打篮球, 去
park and so on. I think summer is the best season of a year.
公园等等。 我想夏天是一年中最好的季节。

My favorite season
My favorite season is fall. In China , fall is always from September.
我最喜欢的季节是秋天。 在中国, 秋天总是从九月开始。
When fall comes ,the leaves turn yellow slowly. People often go hiking
当秋天来临时, 树叶慢慢变黄了。 人们周末经常去远足和钓
And fishing on weekends. At this time, the farmers are busy doing their
鱼。 在这个时候, 农民们忙着做他们的
farm work. It’s a harvest time for everyone to gain what they want to
农活。 这是一个收获的时间,每个人都想得到他们想得到的东西。
get. Although the weather is a little cold , I like fall best.
虽然天气有一点冷, 我最喜欢秋天。
What a golden season!

My favorite season
My favorite season is winter. It is the coldest season in a year.
我最喜欢的季节是冬天。 它是一年中最冷的季节。
People don’t like winter. Because it is so cold . But
人们不喜欢冬天。 因为它太冷, 但
I like it. When it snows, the world is all white . How beautiful! We often
我喜欢它。下雪的时候, 整个世界全白了, 太美了! 我们经常
make a snowman in the open air. I like walking in the snow , it’s very
在户外堆雪人。 我喜欢在雪中漫步, 那是很
interesting. I love winter!
有趣的。 我喜欢冬天!

My Birthday Party
Every year, when it’s birthday, my parents hold a party
每年, 到生日的时候,我父母都为我举行宴会。
for me. They invite my friend to come to my house to
celebrate my birthday. I can get many beautiful gifts
庆祝我的生日。 每年我可以获得很多漂亮的礼物。
every year.In my party, we can do many things:Light the
candles,eat the cake,Sing and dance.That’s my birthday
吃蛋糕, 唱歌和跳舞。 我的生日宴会
party, is it interesting?

My family
There are five people in my family. They are my grandma,
我家有五个人。 他们是我的奶奶,
grandpa, dad, mom and I. Look! Grandma is watching TV.
爷爷,爸爸,妈妈和我。 看! 奶奶正在看电视。
Grandpa is reading a book. Dad is writing an e-mail. Mom
爷爷正在看书。 爸爸正在写电子邮件。 妈妈
is cooking dinner. I am doing my homework. I love my family!
正在做晚饭。 我正在做家庭作业。 我爱我家!

In the park
It is sunny today .My mother, my father and I are going
今天阳光明媚, 我妈妈, 我爸爸和我 正在去
to the park. We like the park very much. It is very big
公园。 我很喜欢公园。 它又大
and beautiful .There are many trees and flowers in it. Many
又美丽。 里面有许多树和花, 许多
people like to go there.